EssEd Summer Camp 2020

EssEd Academy is bringing the best summer learning courses to Guntur like Hand crafts, Calligraphy, Soft skills, English and Telugu communication skills, etc. At EssEd courses are taught with the involvement of kids rather than adopting a regular classroom teaching methodology. Our goal is to engage the kids striking the right balance between fun and learning. We aim to lay the right foundations to kids while keeping the child in them intact.

Mission & Vision

EssEd's vision is to create an After School platform all academic and co-curricular learning. EssEd aims to accomplish its vision by filling the gaps in today's education by creating a fun-filled learning environment.

More on After School Learning

EssEd aims to transform into an After School learning platform covering all academic and personality development aspects for kids - home works, project works, conceptual learning, co-curricular activities. While taking care of the basics like home works, EssEd will lay the right foundations for life for your kids. Eventually, EssEd aims to cater to the learning needs of kids through online component, shared videos, subject-specific teaching, home tuitions, weekend activities, etc. EssEd will actively engage parents as potential contributors to the learning of the kids.

Location & Contact

Syamala Nagar




Mob: 8074988223

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